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  • Recruiter spotlight: Master Sgt. Young Chambers

    This graphic is part four of a series. Master Sgt. Young Chambers is a line recruiter with the Air Force Reserve 403rd Wing. Chambers started his military career in the Marine Corps before switching to the Air Force Reserve where he has experience in many roles, but said being a first sergeant was

  • 403rd Wing holds commander’s call; recognizes award winners

    The 403rd Wing held a commander’s call Saturday during its March Unit Training Assembly at the Roberts Maintenance Facility auditorium here.Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the call was largely attended via video call with leadership, speakers, and award recipients attending in-person. Col. Jeffrey A.

  • March UTA is mission essential plus

    The 403rd Wing March 13-14 Unit Training Assembly has been designated as mission essential plus here.“Thanks to all of our Airmen adhering to the COVID protocols of mask wearing, screening, social distancing, sanitizing, and now getting immunized,” said Col. Jeffrey A. Van Dootingh, 403rd Wing

  • Mission Makers: First Sergeant

    On this edition of Mission Makers, the 403rd Wing highlights the job of being a first sergeant. Master Sgt. Karen P. Moore shares her take on the fulfilling experience of being a "shirt" for the 403rd Logistics Readiness Squadron. (U.S. Air Force video by Staff Sgt. Shelton Sherrill)

  • Family Child Care provides UTA support for Reserve parents

    Whether they are a single parent, their spouse works on the weekends, or the neighborhood babysitter lost their senses of taste and smell and cannot make it, reservist parents sometimes have an extra stressor to think about aside from their civilian job for Unit Training Assembly weekends—who is

  • Pandemic calls; 36th AES answers with more deployments

    The 36th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron has been called upon once again to deploy personnel to multiple locations in support of the fight against COVID-19.In 2020, the squadron saw nine volunteers out the door to various locations, and now, six more Reserve Citizen Airmen are set to deploy in the

  • The Wing of Choice’s new Process Improvement Manager

    Continuous Process Improvement and Innovation, aka “CPI2,” is an Air Force-wide priority to keep the force up to date with effective and efficient processes throughout its units.According to Air Force Instruction 90-201, The Air Force Inspection System, “Leadership is committed to and has oversight

  • Zeta, Eta keep Hurricane Hunters flying

    As the above-average 2020 Hurricane season spins on, the Air Force Reserve’s 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron Hurricane Hunters continue to support the National Hurricane Center with their crucial data collection mission. For the fourth time this season, the Hurricane Hunters and their WC-130Js,

  • Group superintendent enhances maintenance mission

    Fixing things and making them run efficiently is something Chief Master Sgt. Thomas Lassabe knows a thing or two about, especially with his lengthy career as a maintainer in the U.S. Marines, Army National Guard and the Air Force Reserve.Now, instead of repairing aircraft as his sole mission, he’s

  • October Unit Training Assembly Update

    The 403rd Wing will have a Unit Training Assembly Oct. 3-4, with COVID-19 mitigation measures in place.Col. Jeffrey A. Van Dootingh, 403rd Wing commander, reminds Airmen who attend the UTA that they must comply with base security and health protection requirements.Keesler is currently in Health