Hurricane Conditions

HURCON 5- Destructive winds are possible within 96 hours.

HURCON 4- Destructive winds are possible within 72 hours.

HURCON 3- Destructive winds are possible within 48 hours.

HURCON 2- Destructive winds anticipated within 24 hours.

HURCON 1- Destructive winds anticipated within 12 hours.

HURCON 1C- Caution: Winds of 40-57 mph/35-49 kts sustained are occurring.

HURCON 1E-  Emergency:  Winds of 58 mph/50 kts sustained and/or gusts of 69 mph/60 kts or greater are occurring.

HURCON 1R- Recovery: Destructive winds have subsided and are no longer forecast to occur; survey and work crews are permitted to determine the extent of the damage and to establish safe zones around hazards (e.g., downed power lines, unstable structures). Non-essential personnel are asked to remain indoors.

Evacuation Guidelines

Mission-essential personnel and students are the only personnel authorized to shelter on Air Force Bases. 

Dependents and retirees are encouraged to seek shelter in a local community shelter or evacuate outside of the affected area. 

Mission-essential personnel are encouraged to plan ahead to account  for dependent evacuation.
◾ Grab your disaster kit, pets and family and leave no earlier than   directed by the Wing Commander.
◾ Finance will reimburse you for an evacuation of a minimum of 150   miles and a max of 750 miles one way (mileage can be increased by       the Wing Commander).
◾ Things to note when evacuating: main routes will be congested, tune   to radio for traffic information, become familiar with secondary roads   as backup.
◾ Be sure to identify yourself as an evacuee when making hotel   reservations.
◾ Military/Civil Service may be recalled before dependents.
◾ 4-TIERED APPROACH FOR PERSONNEL ACCOUNTABILITY: Upon   arrival to primary/alternate evacuation points or up to 24 hours after   notice of evacuation contact supervisor (or the person above them on   the recall roster).

Contact your supervisor/ or UCC
Contact the HESS at 1-877-325-EVAC (3822)
Contact AFPC/PRC at 1-800-435-9941
Update status on AFPAAS at:

◾Last Resort: In the event you are stranded in a crisis area with no   communication available, report your status to any responding agent   (Red Cross, local police, FEMA, etc.) and ask that agent to report your   status to the Air Force through any means possible.

Hurricane Recovery Information

After a hurricane passes, those who evacuated contact their units for instructions. If communication with the base isn't possible, call the Air Force Personnel Center, 1-800-435-9941. Also, if directed, update your information in the Air Force Personnel Accountability and Assessment System (AFPAAS) by logging into the Air Force Portal.

Those who shelter on base:

Remain in shelter until officials say you may leave.

Military Report to duty sections. Control centers delegate recovery operations to all units.

Don't enter damaged buildings and Don't check for gas leaks with matches.

Do NOT turn on utilities until they've been checked.

Don't eat or drink anything without first checking it for damage or contamination.

Assess and record all damage.

Report building damage to your Civil Engineer Squadron if you're in base housing, or to your insurance company if you live off-base. Also report personal property damage to your insurance company.

Make plans for temporary lodging until repairs are made.

Stay away from stray animals.

Radio Stations / News -- stay tuned for information and instructions on recovery, medical care and emergency assistance for housing, clothing, food, etc.

Family Assistance Center -- in the aftermath of a hurricane, information on programs and services for Airmen may be consolidated in a one-stop family assistance center.