The Wing of Choice’s new Process Improvement Manager

  • Published
  • By 2nd. Lt. Christopher Carranza
  • 403rd Wing Public Affairs

Continuous Process Improvement and Innovation, aka “CPI2,” is an Air Force-wide priority to keep the force up to date with effective and efficient processes throughout its units.

According to Air Force Instruction 90-201, The Air Force Inspection System, “Leadership is committed to and has oversight of CPI methodologies for reducing waste in processes used to execute the mission, including feedback from those executing policy and guidance.”

Here at the 403rd Wing, Stacey Huffman is the newly hired wing process manager and she leads the on-going effort to make processes more streamlined. She is the individual designated to represent, train and mentor practitioners, as well as lead the strategy to ensure improvement projects chartered are the right strategic projects for the organization.

“As the wing process manager part of my position is a data piece,” said Huffman. “Tracking the metrics from the wing, such as (individual medical readiness) and evaluations for (Air Force Reserve Command) so they can track our readiness. The main focus is that the data reflects that we are aligned with AFRC’s strategic priorities and lines of effort.”

Huffman said she previously worked for the State of Nebraska for the last 9 years, with her most recent role as a Workforce Analyst. Many of her roles and responsibilities have made her transition into the position very smoothly.

“The other part of the position is Continuous Process Improvement, and this is done by overseeing, tracking and assisting with improvement events,” said Huffman. “Whether the events are ‘just do it’ events or process studies to a larger stream mapping or alignment event, the goal is to make the processes quicker, better, cheaper and/or more efficient. This position can assist with the review of current processes, oversight of the event, and with analyzing the data to review if it is going to work.  Improvement events are tracked locally and within headquarters along with After Action Reviews and Lessons Learned events.  By having a central location for improvement and lessons learned, it allows others across the Air Force to use what others have completed to potentially implement or learn from for their perspective unit.”

Working hand-in-hand with Huffman is the Wing Inspector General of Inspections office.

“The position is very important for all offices, said Lt. Col. Johnathan Brady, 403rd Wing IGI director. “Continuous Process Improvement is the future for ensuring the Air Force looks at its current processes, determines what is working, what isn’t, and why – and then how to fix, resolve, and improve processes to remove unnecessary bureaucracy, and instill efficiency.”

Brady also said, CPI is especially important to the Wing IGI office – whose role is to ensure the Commanders Inspection Program improves readiness, efficiency, discipline, effectiveness, compliance and surety. Self-assessments are conducted using the Management Internal Controls Toolset and Inspector General Evaluation Management System to document compliance or non-compliance. In cases of non-compliance, then CPI practices are activated along with the Air Force’s 8-Step Practical Problem Solving Method to resolve the deficiencies.

“Bottom line is that CPI is the ultimate tool to streamline processes and make things better,” said Brady. “In today’s world of tightening budgets, doing more with less – CPI is the way. We all have to constantly be looking at our work centers, and how we accomplish our tasks – and ask is there a better, more efficient way of doing things?”

Huffman said she has always enjoyed tracking numbers and helping others streamline their offices, so being able to go from assisting others from a state position to a wing is exciting for her.

“I have been to Keesler (Air Force Base) on multiple occasions for training and my family and I love the area,” said Huffman. “I look forward to getting to know all the different units and working here.”

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