The mission is to provide targeted Airman and family support services by contributing to mission readiness and the well-being of the Air Force Reserve community.

The Military and Family Readiness Center is your one-stop for information and referral for family support. Staffed with a team of professionals with one goal -- to ensure your success!  The 403rd M&FR office serves our Reserve Citizen Airmen, retired Reserve military members and Department of Defense civilians. We also serve their family members. All services are free. For more information please contact the M&FR office at (228) 376-8253.

Employment Assistance

The M&FR office supports military, civilians, and family members in achieving short and long-term employment, by referring for education/training, and obtaining career goals in the private and public sectors. The M&FR office provides comprehensive services to ensure the Total Force is equipped with adequate knowledge and assistance to aid in their job search.

Family Readiness during Deployments

The M&FR office provides a variety of services and activities for individuals and families affected by deployment. They have pamphlets, books and videos that discuss how to prepare for a deployment, cope with separation and come back together as a family. Other materials help single people, who have different issues, prepare for deployment.  The M&FR staff work with units and  individuals to provide advice and help.

For more details contact your local M&FR office or the 403rd Wing M&FR.


The 403rd Key Spouse Program is a command-sponsored Unit Family Readiness program dedicated to enhancing readiness, and personal and family resiliency by providing a bridge between families and both leadership and military resources.  The KSP is here to support military families through every step of a family's military journey, from joining, to deployment, to retirement, and everything in-between. Key Spouses are commander-appointed and serve as a vital resource to command teams to support 403rd Wing families.

This commander’s program promotes partnerships with unit, Key Spouses, Key Spouse Mentors, family members, the Military & Family Readiness Center and other community and helping agencies. The KSP provides service-minded volunteers an opportunity to contribute to their communities, with a special emphasis on support to families throughout all phases of the deployment cycle.

The goal is to have a cadre of trained volunteers who can support the unit’s military families in an official capacity, 

For information, assistance, or to join the 403rd Wing's Key Spouse Program network, email:


  • Air Force Spouses & Families helping other spouses and families
  • Volunteer organization for 403rd Wing families
  • Peer-to-peer support network


  • Initiate communication between Key Spouses and families during deployments or TDYs
  • Help facilitate communication with Group leadership
  • Provide community information, volunteer opportunities, and referral services


  • Promotes individual, family, and unit readiness and resiliency
  • Establishes and maintains continuous contact with spouses and families
  • Encourages peer-to-peer Wingman support amongst spouses and families
  • Builds family links to leadership
  • Provides an informal sounding board to leadership
  • Strengthens leadership’s support team


  • Increased awareness of installation and community resources
  • Identified/resolved issues at lowest levels
  • Enhanced up and down information flow
  • Prepared and supported families during separations/deployments
  • Increased sense of unit support
  • Improved quality of life amongst unit families
  • Increased readiness and retention
  • Enhanced individual and family resilience