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  • 403rd Wing

    The 403rd Wing, an Air Force Reserve tenant unit located at Keesler Air Force Base, Miss., is tasked to organize, equip, train and employ airlift forces in support of the nation's interests. This includes the only weather reconnaissance mission in the Department of Defense as well as tactical

  • 403rd Wing Tour Program

    403rd Wing Tour Information Tours to the Air Force Reserve Command's 403rd Wing are offered on a noninterference, case-by-case basis to local civic organizations, schools and youth groups to educate its members about the United States Air Force Reserve and, more specifically, the mission of the

  • 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron "Hurricane Hunters"

    The 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron, a component of the 403rd Wing located at Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, Miss., is a one-of-a-kind organization. It is the only operational unit in the world flying weather reconnaissance on a routine basis.The mission of the Hurricane Hunters is to

  • 815th Airlift Squadron "Flying Jennies"

    The 815th Airlift Squadron is located at Keesler Air Force Base, Miss., and functions under the operational control of the 403rd Wing, located at the same base.MISSION:Peacetime: The mission of the 815th AS is to recruit, organize and train to deploy, redeploy and employ air and ground forces to any

  • C-130J Hercules

    Mission The C-130J is the newest generation of the C-130 Hercules which primarily performs the tactical portion of the airlift mission. The aircraft is capable of operating from rough, dirt strips and is the prime transport for air dropping troops and equipment into hostile areas. The C-130 operates

  • Change of Command Ceremony

    The Change of Command ceremony is deeply rooted in military history dating back to the 18th Century.

  • Hurricane Hunter Weather Equipment

    AERIAL RECONNAISSANCE WEATHER OFFICER Data System The WC 130J aerial reconnaissance weather officer software and communication system have allowed tremendous advances in hurricane reconnaissance data collection aboard the Air Force Reserve's fleet of WC-130J aircraft.  WEATHERBIRD SOFTWARE The

  • WC-130J Hercules

    MISSION: The WC-130J Hercules is a high-wing, medium-range aircraft used in weather reconnaissance missions. This plane is a C-130J transport configured with palletized weather instrumentation for penetration of tropical disturbances and storms, hurricanes and winter storms to obtain data on