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  • Wing has new vision, mission statements

    Over a three-day period a team of Airmen from throughout our wing worked to identify why we exist; and how we do what we do. One of the outcomes included our new Vision and Mission statements.Wing Vision: Unrivaled wing responding decisively to defend freedom and continuously protect our homeland.Wing Mission: Deliver diverse global capabilities by
  • A Reflection On Service

      I have served as a U.S. Air Force Officer for 29 years.  I have been to nearly 50 countries.  Many of my proudest moments involved great Airmen doing truly incredible things to make the greatest Air Force our world has ever known even better.  I am proud of our flag, country, constitution and freedoms, as well as the diversity of our nation.  But
  • To Serve

    When I'm fortunate enough to conduct a wing mission brief to the new members assigned to our wing, I like to find out where each Airman is from and what motivated them to join and serve. The answers are wide ranging. Some decided to serve for the opportunity to travel, others because there were no opportunities in their towns.  Many decided to
  • Wind beneath my wings

    Wind beneath my wingsMany people remember this song made popular by Bette Midler during Desert Storm.Did you ever know that you're my hero, And everything I would like to be?I can fly higher than an eagle, ' cause you are the wind beneath my wings.Here in the 403rd we have so many heroes. A hero is defined as "a person admired for their
  • Learning to hit the curve balls

    In January 2013 I had been back from Kabul, Afghanistan for three months, settling back into my job at the U.S. Transportation Command where I provided day-to-day execution and oversight of transportation missions worldwide. At that point I never could have imagined moving to the beautiful Gulf Coast and working with our great team at Keesler Air
  • Commander extends holiday greetings

    The holidays are often a time in which we reflect on the past year: successes, accomplishments, joys, celebrations and challenges. I have personally faced some challenges and even disappointments this past year, but I choose to focus on my blessings, good fortune, friendships and family. These are the things that sustain, motivate and excite me.
  • Ribbons Are the Eyes to Our Military Souls

    They say our eyes are the windows to our souls.  People can tell a lot about you by gazing into your eyes.  They can tell whether you are tired, happy or even lying.  And your wife may use them to tell whether you are listening to her or not.I can tell a lot about a person just by looking at their ribbon rack. I know if you have been in a war zone
  • Reserve in Retrospect: A Citizen Airman's First Year

    Hours of buffing black combat boots in basic military training taught me that through dedication, focus and purpose, even the most stubborn scuff marks can be brought back to a brilliant, glossy shine.That was five years ago, and while the boots are long gone, what remains is far more important: an understanding and appreciation for the sense of
  • A Perspective on Perspective

    Perspective is a funny thing. The way you perceive the world can have a profound effect on different aspects of your life, from your physical health to your mental, emotional and even spiritual well-being. During this time of year, with all of the holiday shopping and hustle, it's easy to lose perspective - to forget about things we should be
  • Dogs Tags Identify More Than the Present

    My first instructor at United States Air Force pilot training barked, "always wear your dog tags when you fly so we'll know who you are." Since I feared the guy, I did as I was told. Those two small disks, embossed with my name, social security number, blood type and religion have almost always dangled around my neck. Putting them on every day