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  • Flying Jennies grow day by day

    You never know what curveballs life and, in particular, the Air Force are going to throw at you. In October 2015, I was stationed at Little Rock Air Force Base flying a standard Friday afternoon student sortie as a C-130J schoolhouse instructor. As soon as we landed I received a message to call my operations group commander…which isn’t usually good news.
  • Chief's Chat: Don't be afraid to make decisions

    First, I’d like wish everyone a happy and healthy 2017. Last month I had the opportunity to speak to the 403rd Wing’s Human Resources Development Council. In this instance we were discussing the upcoming wing family day event scheduled for the May unit training assembly. As I was listening to the Airmen talk about fund raising, organizational processes and assigning tasks, it was mentioned that there were five months left to prepare.
  • Holiday greetings, reflections on 2016

    The holidays are a special time of year, one we enjoy celebrating with friends and families. It’s also a time when many of us reflect upon past accomplishments and goals for the New Year. The Citizen Airmen of the 403rd Wing have made significant contributions over this past year to our nation, Air Force and Air Force Reserve.
  • Chief's Chat: Holidays time to reflect, set new goals

    As we reflect on another year coming to an end, let’s not forget those who have sacrificed for us so we have the opportunity to be here to see another year. This is also a time to focus on the future and making things better for all.   It’s been said, you shouldn’t look back into the past but look toward the future. However, if we don’t remember or
  • I’m terrified and I will not fail

    I was sitting on the floor at Denver International Airport waiting for a flight to San Antonio. I leaned against a cool glass window in jeans and a black tee shirt, holding the Airman’s Creed on a business card with tiny letters in my hands. Several other trainees-to-be and I were taking turns reading it out loud in an attempt to both quell our nerves and get a step ahead. I was almost 23-years-old and terrified that joining the Air Force was the wrong decision. “And I will not fail,” we repeated.
  • Chief's Chat: The importance of military family

    Air Force. Air Force Reserve. 403rd Wing, group, squadron, flight. Let me ask, did you immediately think of your military family when hearing those words? What images, stories and memories came rushing to mind? A unit training assembly? A temporary duty assignment? Maybe a deployment that was experienced together? Having a military family is
  • Chief's Chat: What I wish I knew

    What is one thing I wish I knew before coming into the Air Force? That was a question asked of me during a recent New-Comers briefing. I can’t even recall my answer at the time, but the question has continued to ring in my head like a bell.
  • My ride through Hurricane Hermine

    I never knew that you could smell a thunderstorm — they almost smell like hot asphalt or a spark made from flint and steel.   I inhaled deeply trying to memorize that smell at 5,000 feet above the surface of the ocean in a WC-130J Super Hercules in the middle of Hurricane Hermine. It was my first flight with the Air Force Reserve’s 53rd Weather
  • Transparent leadership: An old concept for modern times

    Col. Sean P. Larkin, the commander of the National Air and Space Intelligence Center at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, discusses the need for transparent leadership and what leading by example can accomplish.
  • 22nd Air Force Airmen forge proud heritage

    The month of May is Asian American and Pacific IslanderHeritage Month, and provides us with an opportunity to pay tribute to Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and their positive contributions to our countryand communities. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Asian Americans andPacific Islanders make up 5.6 percent of the nation’s population.