Wind beneath my wings

  • Published
  • By Col. Anna Schulte
  • 403rd Wing
Wind beneath my wings

Many people remember this song made popular by Bette Midler during Desert Storm.

Did you ever know that you're my hero, And everything I would like to be?
I can fly higher than an eagle, ' cause you are the wind beneath my wings.

Here in the 403rd we have so many heroes. A hero is defined as "a person admired for their achievements and noble qualities, self sacrificing".

We may not realize it or recognize the fact that this applies to all of us. The most obvious fact is that we are Citizen Airmen ready to stand up for our country.

The continuous activations and deployments since that fateful day when we were attacked Sept. 11, 2001 have made that evident. We have supported Operations Noble Eagle, Enduring Freedom, and Iraqi Freedom , and numerous other missions not commonly known. We continue to support, moving military personnel and supplies throughout the area of operations. We have the "Hurricane Hunters" who support National Oceanographic Atmospheric Administration to provide accurate storm forecasts to ensure safety of the populace and control damage to property.

However, you don't have to deploy to see what our men and women have done to be "wind beneath wings".

It begins with every senior reservist who trains and mentors the next generation. It takes dedication and professionalism to instil the virtues and expertise we want and need to see in the future Airmen. Numerous members participate or volunteer to support important programs that benefit their community yearly, including but not limited to raising funds for the Tuskegee Airmen Foundation and providing needed items to the Veteran's Administration by providing them with needed items.

In addition to supporting NOAA, we also support the Queen Louise Home for Children at St Croix, providing the children and staff there with donations of needed items. We also have volunteers mentoring and inspiring the youth in programs such as the Boy Scouts, Junior ROTC, Cadet Air Patrol program and our own 403d Development Flight prepping our incoming Airmen for Basic Military Training and Technical School.

We have several members serving and contributing as sport coaches, teachers, school volunteers, in their place of worship, and leaders in our communities. We even have a volunteer on the Gulf Coast Search and Rescue team. The Wing now has Key Spouses who volunteer to support the families of our deployed members.

Whether at home station performing our duties and training the next generation, on our deployments supporting the military mission and supporting the families here at home, or in our civilian lives supporting the community and those in need, we are all heroes and the wind beneath someone's wings.