Wing has new vision, mission statements

  • Published
  • By Col. Frank L. Amodeo
  • 403rd Wing
Over a three-day period a team of Airmen from throughout our wing worked to identify why we exist; and how we do what we do. One of the outcomes included our new Vision and Mission statements.

Wing Vision: Unrivaled wing responding decisively to defend freedom and continuously protect our homeland.

Wing Mission: Deliver diverse global capabilities by empowered Airmen serving with pride, agility and teamwork.

We strive to be unrivaled. We respond when called. We are decisive. So why do we exist? We defend freedom and unlike any other AFR unit, the 403d Wing continuously protects our homeland with our unique weather reconnaissance mission.

How do we attain our Vision? Empowered Airmen every day improve on what we do. We demonstrate pride. We are agile, adapting to change while seizing opportunities. Mutually supporting each other across the wing, we are much more than the sum of the parts. Teamwork is our force multiplier. What do we bring to the fight? For our nation, we deliver capabilities where needed around the globe! We are diverse with medical, security forces, airlift, communications, weather reconnaissance, port activities, intelligence, logistics, services, maintenance, plans, and much more.

Each of you has a critical role! Thank you for the commitment.