Airman empowerment

  • Published
  • By Col. Stuart M. Rubio
  • Commander, 403rd Wing

403rd Wing,

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to take command of the 403rd Wing, and my family is right there with me in that excitement! This wing is our extended family and it brings me so much joy that my primary duty is to care for its members.

At the ceremony in June, I said that every time you hear “Wing of Choice” I want you to think, “I have a voice.” That wasn’t just an attempt to make a cool rhyme, but is the mentality I want you to have as a member of the 403rd Wing. Every single one of you are empowered to speak up if you have an idea of how our wing could be doing something more efficiently or effectively. If you think of a way that we can better equip our Airmen to accomplish our many diverse missions, you have a voice. If you know of ways we can work together better as a team, both inside and outside of our wing…use your voice. And, most definitely, you have a voice if you observe any type of harassment or, if you or one of your fellow Airmen is struggling in any way. There is no limit to our ability to overcome challenges or what we can achieve with the many diverse inputs and perspectives of every Airmen in this, the Wing of Choice…where YOU have a voice.

Have an awesome July UTA!