403rd Wing Tour Program

403rd Wing Tour Information

Tours to the Air Force Reserve Command's 403rd Wing are offered on a noninterference, case-by-case basis to local civic organizations, schools and youth groups to educate its members about the United States Air Force Reserve and, more specifically, the mission of the 403rd Wing. To tour Keesler Air Force Base and the 81st Training Wing, please contact their public affairs office at 228-377-2783.

Please fill out this form and either click "submit by email" at the bottom of this form, or print the form and fax to 228-377-0755 or scan and email to the Public Affairs Office. For instructions on how to fill out the form, please review below or call 228-377-2056.

Please note the following when submitting a group tour request:

  1. Age - For safety reasons, all participants must be at least 10 years old
  2. Size - Tours are limited to a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 40 participants (or the passenger capacity of one commercial bus)
  3. Transportation - Organizations are responsible for their own transportation. Tours are limited to one busload. Unfortunately, requests to use multiple vehicles cannot be accommodated. Base tours are conducted on a limited basis due to our manning, resource availability and heightened security posture. A tour request does not guarantee a tour will be approved. All scheduled tours are subject to cancellation based on emergency situations, worldwide commitments, real world events, etc.

Priority scheduling will be given to Junior ROTC students and other youth groups serving high-school-age students with a recruitment potential. Civic and business organizations are also welcome to request tours to the 403rd Wing. Day care, elementary or middle-school-age groups are encouraged to request a speaker from our Speaker's Bureau program to schedule a multimedia presentation in their place of business.

If your group meets the criteria, please download the form located at www.403wg.afrc.af.mil and send it to 403wg.pa2@us.af.mil or print the request and fax it to 228-377-0755. For additional assistance in filling out the form please call 228-377-2056.

Per Air Force Instruction 35-105:

Air Force and DOD assets belong to the American people and participation by Air Force people and display of Air Force equipment in public events furthers public understanding of the Air Force mission.

Since limitations of time and money make it impossible to grant all requests, public affairs will take all appropriate requests into equal consideration and recommend approval based on common factors that are in the best interests of the Air Force and taxpayer.

Tours will be conducted on a noninterference basis only. Public Affairs is required to ensure there is minimal interference with normal training or operational activities, determine if it is economically feasible, and make sure appropriate resources are available. Requests for tours to the 403rd Wing will be handled on a case-by-case basis, but typically the Public Affairs office cannot accommodate personal tours for friends, family members or those stopping through on vacation, regardless of current or prior military service. However, if an individual has access to the base (a military or DOD civilian ID cardholder) one may visit Keesler Air Force Base. We also cannot accommodate tours to visit the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron "Hurricane Hunters" from June 1-November 30 due to mission requirements. Requests for tours must be made 30 days in advance, but since we are only able to accommodate two tours per month, more than 30 days notice may be required to secure a slot. No tours will be given on weekends or federal holidays. Tours are free of charge.

Are there age restrictions?

The minimum age for a tour attendee is 10-years-old. For participants under age 18, a general talent release DD Form 2830 must be filled out and returned to the 403rd Wing Public Affairs office prior to the tour. This form is to allow 403rd public affairs Reservists to take pictures, use the name of and/or voice of an infant or minor child for official government publications.

Are there other stops in addition to 403rd Wing activities?

If you would like to tour Keesler Air Force Base's training mission or their facilities, please contact the 81st Training Wing Public Affairs Office at 228-377-2783 for more information about their mission and possibility of scheduling a tour.

Can I bring my camera on the tour?

Cameras are allowed on the tour; however, there are some restrictions. Your tour guide will inform you of these restrictions.

Does the 403rd Wing provide transportation for base tours?

No. Tour groups must provide their own transportation, which is limited to one busload.

How do I request/schedule a tour?

Groups requesting a tour must complete this Tour Request Form and e-mail it to the 403rd Public Affairs Office. Tour requests must be submitted no later than 30 days prior to the date of the tour. Requests must be submitted through the 403rd Wing Public Affairs Office and are accepted up to six months in advance. Tours are coordinated one month in advance. A particular day of the week may be requested for the tour, but there is no guarantee that a tour will be available on that day until your tour is confirmed. No tours will be given on weekends or federal holidays. Tours are free of charge. Please note tours may be subject to last-minute cancellations due to mission requirements. Modified tours may be granted to those with limited mobility. However, this must be stated on the request. If not stated, it is assumed that walking and stair climbing is not an issue. We will review your request and notify you as soon as possible.

How many people do we need to schedule a tour?

The minimum number of people to schedule a tour is 20. The maximum number of people allowed on a tour is 40. Please consider inviting a speaker from our Speaker's Bureau program for groups in excess of 40.

How much notification do we need to give to schedule a tour?

Tours must be scheduled a minimum of 30 days prior to the desired date of the tour.

What does a tour consist of?

Tours start at 9 a.m. and are scheduled for a maximum of 3 hours. Tours of the 403rd Wing may include any of the various organizations on base to include static displays and demonstrations, however, no particular activities can be guaranteed. Every effort will be made to honor your request but, ultimately, we work around our daily operations schedule. If mission dictates, a tour may be cancelled at any time, without notice. There will be no substitutions during these cases.

What kind of vehicle should we use?

Groups are responsible for transportation large enough to carry the entire group and a tour guide. All buses/vans must arrive at the White Avenue Gate for security processing. Please confirm vehicles used and directions to the White Avenue Gate prior to arrival.

When can I schedule a tour?

Call the 403rd Wing Public Affairs Office at 228-377-2056 to schedule a tour. No tours will be conducted to the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron during Hurricane Season, which is June 1-Nov. 30, due to mission requirements. There are no tours during weekends or holidays.

Where should our tour bus/van enter the base?

Tour groups should enter the base through the White Avenue Gate where they will be met by a public affairs representative.




  1. From I-10 turn onto I-110 South.
  2. From I-110 South approximately 3.0 miles (Only two exits will be at the end of bridge) take the left exit that will take you to US-90 West.
  3. From US-90 West approximately 1.5 miles (Second red light) take a right on White Avenue.
  4. Stay on White Avenue until you reach Keesler's main gate.



  1. Turn left onto Airport Road.
  2. Turn right onto US-49 North.
  3. From US-49 approximately 0.6 miles merge onto I-10 east toward BILOXI/ MOBILE.
  4. From I-10 approximately 12 miles turn onto I-110 South.
  5. From I-110 South approximately 3.0 miles take a right on US- 90 West.
  6. From US-90 West approximately 1.5 miles take a right on White Avenue.
  7. Stay on White Avenue until you reach Keesler's main gate.