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  • Aircrew flight equipment: life support for aviators

    Infrared light flashes like an invisible firefly – only seen through night vision goggles equipped with specialized sensors. Those goggles have the potential to save lives and the 403rd Operations Support Squadron’s Aircrew Flight Equipment section is charged with their care.

  • Diversity encourages innovation

    In the first few days of Basic Military Training, new recruits are referred to as the “Rainbow Flight.” This is in reference to how much they stand out in their different colored clothing in the days before being issued their uniforms. It can also represent how much our backgrounds make us stand out

  • New chief to Citizen Airmen: go beyond swipe

    Attaining the rank of chief master sergeant is like reaching the summit of a mountain – it takes hard work, dedication and skill. Chief Master Sergeant Michelle Santiago, 403rd Maintenance Squadron first sergeant, was recognized for reaching her own summit during a promotion ceremony at the Roberts

  • AETC leaders immersed in AFRC wing

    Standing in front of a two-star general and explaining what your unit does and why could make anyone’s stomach twist. But members of the 403rd Wing not only did it without breaking a sweat, they did it with energy and passion.

  • Green Dot sparks culture change

    Sexual assault strips away a person’s humanity. It violates their most essential and basic human right – the right to control their own body, to feel safe in their own skin. And far too often the victim blames themselves for something that shouldn’t ever be considered their fault by anyone. Ever. By

  • Airman receives medal for act of courage

    The sun had just risen on Sept. 11 and members of the 403rd Maintenance Group were spread out in a row across the flight line. They were prepared to conduct a foreign object debris walk to collect anything that might pose a threat to the aircraft they work to keep in flight condition. Before they

  • Recruiting helps people start their adventures

    “Start Your Adventure” is the Air Force Reserve’s recruiting slogan. The 403rd Wing is already home to the 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron Hurricane Hunters and the 815th Airlift Squadron Flying Jennies, but with the addition of the new 803rd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron Sept. 11 and 36th

  • Hurricane Hunters collect data on four hurricanes in one week

    In the last week the Air Force Reserve’s 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron Hurricane Hunters have flown into and collected data on four hurricanes out of four locations. Hurricanes Madeline and Lester were headed toward the coast of Hawaii last week and Hurricane Hermine hit the coast of Florida

  • Airmen help one another after Louisiana flooding

    “The water started seeping in through the walls. We woke up our son, put on his little boots, and put him up on the table.” Callie Lips, children’s book illustrator, her husband Tech. Sgt. Ricky Lips, 403rd Maintenance Group, and their two-year-old son were one of the 403rd Wing families affected by