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  • AF releases FY20 Selective Retention Bonus program

    The SRB is a tool used to retain Airmen in undermanned specialties. The program is designed to improve readiness and capacity by targeting retention of experienced Airmen in stressed career fields or those with high training costs.
  • Cube members, six sides of readiness

    The newest weapon of the Air Force Reserve Command rolled out in 2018; however, this isn’t a physical weapon. This weapon is an ongoing effort to increase and positively impact manning challenges, both military and civilian. It is called the Cube. The members of this team, who work together to positively impact our manning and that make up four sides of the Cube consist of the Force Support Officer, the Recruiting Service Flight Chief, the Wing Career Assistance Advisor, and the Civilian Personnel Liaison, while the other two sides are made up of leadership and the current 403rd Wing members.