Wing leaders meets for strategic alignment, set priorities for next two years

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Marnee A.C. Losurdo
  • 403rd Wing Public Affairs

Wing senior leaders participated in a strategic alignment event in Gulfport, Mississippi, May 2 and a smaller group met May 13 here to update and finalize priorities and a strategic plan that will focus wing efforts for the next two years.

The last strategic alignment event was in Mobile, Alabama, June 13, 2022, and leaders revised the wing’s mission and vision statements.

“The intent of the strategic alignment is to provide leadership with an opportunity to collaborate towards common goals for the unit and to ensure we are aligned with the mission, vision, and priorities of 22nd Air Force, Air Force Reserve Command and the Air Force,” said Stacey Huffman, the wing’s continuous process improvement program manager and facilitator for the alignment. “This event assists with the creation of the strategic plan for the wing, which presents our mission, vision, and priorities for transforming and integrating the way we execute our wing’s assigned mission.”

Leaders, to include the wing commander, deputy commander, group and squadron commanders, group superintendents, first sergeants and personnel from staff offices, focused on current national defense strategy and the Air Force Reserve Command task order to align the wing with higher headquarters.

The mission and vision were established in 2022 and were not changed. The mission is to, “Provide mission-ready Airmen to execute diverse C-130J and combat support operations, and the vision is, “Wing of Choice: Agile, Innovative, Disciplined.”

“Our mission statement is what we do; it’s our purpose, so it’s important for our Airmen to know their role in the mission, where they fit in, and how they contribute to the Wing’s Total Force efforts to re-optimize for the Great Power Competition,” said Col. John Benson, 403rd Wing commander. “The Wing is uniquely suited as a unit of action to be responsive to National Defense Strategy to deter and, if necessary, prevail against our adversaries. National security challenges, defense strategies, and the fiscal climate shape our environment. Our mission, vision, and priorities are designed to achieve the flexibility, lethality, and resilience that are hallmarks of airpower propelling us into the future.”

For this event, the group focused on identifying priorities to align with Air Force Reserve Command and developing goals and objectives for the priorities of Airmen Readiness, Airmen Development and a Transformative and Effective Wing.

“The goal is to focus our time, resources, and efforts on the right areas, and to prioritize those tasks so we can generate better results for our Airmen, and we can work together to achieve our strategic goals,” said Huffman.

The most important part of this process is the execution of the plan and follow through, according to Benson.

“It’s important for all of us to understand what’s important to the wing, but also what we want to do about it and how we plan to achieve those goals and priorities so we can implement this plan to make our organization efficient and productive and the ‘Wing of Choice’ for all Citizen Airmen,” said the commander.

“The wing will start developing subject matter expert teams to move forward on the goals set and continue to monitor progress until fully implemented,” said Huffman.