Updating records, insurance vital to taking care of family members

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Shelton Sherrill
  • 403rd Wing Public Affairs

Military personnel have two crucial items that demand attention and periodic updates, the Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance and the Virtual Record of Emergency Data. Neglecting to keep these items current could have serious consequences for both service members and their families.

“vRed is a critical document that records essential information about a service member, including emergency contact details, next of kin, and beneficiary designations,” said Master Sgt. Nicole Ramirez Sanchez, 403rd Force Support Squadron customer service non-commissioned officer in charge. “It is vital to keep this information updated in case of any emergencies, deployments, or unfortunate incidents that may happen to a servicemember.”

Having outdated vRed information can cause delays and complications during emergencies, where swift action is crucial according to Ramirez. As well as having an incorrect emergency contact or next of kin could result in critical delays in notifying loved ones or making important medical decisions.

The SGLI is a life insurance program provided to active duty and reserve members of the uniformed services, as well as members of the National Guard. It offers affordable coverage to service members and their dependents, providing financial protection in the event of death or severe injury. The coverage amount is typically $500,000, but members can elect for lower coverage or opt out altogether.

“When service members experience various life changes, such as marriage, divorce, the birth of children, or changes in beneficiaries, it is important to update their SGLI,” Ramirez Sanchez said. “If the member fails to update these details, it can lead to serious consequences for the member’s family. For example, if a service member gets married but fails to update their beneficiary information, their life insurance payout may not go to their current spouse as intended.”

Members can go to the 403rd Wing sharepoint site to find the directions in the FSS customer support section or they can update their SGLI and vRed information by accessing the sites through the Air Force Portal and following the steps below.

To update vRED, unit members can access the Air Force Personnel Center secure site through the Air Force Portal, then select the Virtual Military Personnel Flight and then select vRed.

“Once the member has accessed the vRED, updated the information and saved it in the vMPF, it is a good idea to download or print the updated copy,” said Ramirez Sanchez. “They should also print the certificate of changes for their SGLI.”

Members also go through the Air Force Portal and then go to milconnect to update their SGLI. Once in milconnect, login and click on manage SGLI, confirm or update your information as needed, sign and sent, then go back and print the certificate of changes.

“Making these updates are important for both the military member and their families in case something unforeseen happens,” said Ramirez Sanchez. “By ensuring the accuracy of these critical documents, it safeguards the financial security of service members and their families but also ensures efficient and effective support during emergencies and service members can rest assured that their loved ones are adequately protected.”