Go the extra MILE

  • Published
  • By Chief Master Sgt. David Jackson
  • 403rd Wing

Each command chief has their own philosophy when it comes to leadership, I am no different.

My personal philosophy begins with how I will lead.

I intend to lead by example with my words and actions. Through my actions I will hold myself accountable in the deliberate development of all of you. I will provide honest and timely feedback, instruction, and mentorship to all of you. To ensure a safe and effective workplace is upheld, I will focus on creating the best atmosphere for communication, accountability, and opportunity. Simply, I will lead from the front and not from a desk with a fusion of the heart and mind.

Personal values.

The primary core values that drive me are: First, always act with the knowledge that all persons possess a fundamental worth as human beings. At our core we all are people with various backgrounds and life experiences, and all should be valued. Secondly, always demonstrate integrity to include having the courage to dare the impossible and do the right thing even if no one is looking.

How I will operate.

I will carry out my responsibilities by demonstrating that I am not above the standards. I will strive to epitomize excellence, professionalism, pride, and competence, serving as a role model for others. I will have open communication and be available to assist any of you in times of need. I will provide you feedback in a timely manner as well as be open and receptive to feedback from you. I will strive to go the extra MILE to ensure we all can grow together, to better ourselves, each other, and the 403d Wing as a whole.

What does going the extra MILE mean?

MOTIVATE- Find your motivation and understand others’ as well. Motivate through creating a team atmosphere of competence, excellence and service.

INSPIRE- Inspire others by truly caring and connecting to PEOPLE. Be an inspiration of character and competence. Stay calm in the chaos and stay grounded--Leave a legacy!

LEAD- Lead by example through action and word. Leadership is a choice, the first person you should lead is yourself.

EMPOWER- Enable Airmen to Accelerate MISSION and PERSONAL Readiness through mentorship, active coaching and advocacy. Be curious and interested, have courage to identify problems and seek solutions.

You must start that MILE on yourself before you can help others.

Another important factor is what I expect of myself and others.

I expect all of us to strive to have an organizational understanding in how we impact people’s lives and careers. We all should focus on ensuring that open communication channels are available. I will ensure all situations where mistakes are made are evaluated from a fair and objective viewpoint. Have a big windshield and a small rearview mirror, mistakes will happen, we will use these opportunities to learn and grow. I expect us to hold ourselves and others accountable to the standards while setting the example by doing our best.

Unacceptable practices.

There are a few items that have no place in our work environment. I have zero tolerance for discrimination, sexual assault or harassment of any kind.

And lastly my Commitment.  

I am committed to continual development of you as well as myself as we strive for excellence. As a team we must be committed to Mission Success, Airmen Development and each other.