Holiday Safety Tips

  • Published
  • By Jessica L. Kendziorek
  • 403rd Wing Public Affairs

Tis the season. Cooler temperatures for outdoor activities, the smell of cooking in the air, plus rushing out to go shopping, and all of these things are happening during one busy weekend.

“With the busy holiday schedule don’t forget about safety,” said Master Sgt. Frank Strong, 403rd Wing occupational safety manager. “Make a plan and let someone know about it, because there are many safety factors to consider.”

One such factor is the cooler temperatures for those who do a lot of outdoor activities, from sports to hunting.

“Our weather drastically changed from warm to cool temperatures,” said Strong. “Dress in layers, to help regulate body temperature.”

Strong also recommends that for those partaking in outdoor sport activities, which cause athletes to sweat, be sure to wear a moisture wicking layer close to the skin. This will help move the moisture away from the body, with the next layer being for insulation and the outer layer for keeping the cold air, wind, or rain out.

“Hunters should also dress in layers,” said Strong. “Sitting still in the woods, a person doesn’t know just how cold they can get until it is too late. I also recommend that hunters carry an extra phone charger pack just in case they need it.”

Don’t forget to maintain firearm safety, wear hunter orange, and make sure any tree stand used is set up properly.

Cooking safety is another important factor to consider this holiday season.

Strong said to be sure to follow all safety guidelines when attempting to fry that turkey this year or using a grill. He also recommended double checking gas lines and purchasing new tanks for gas grills routinely.

“There are all kinds of videos of what can go wrong if you don’t follow the safety procedures,” said Strong. “Let’s not make another one.”

When it comes to shopping there are a couple of factors to consider for safety.

Strong said to make a plan and let someone know about it, which is a great start for safety, but there are a few other considerations that can be done to mitigate risk.

“When shopping, don’t go out alone,” said Master Sgt. Derrick Tolbert, 403rd Security Forces Squadron noncommissioned officer in charge of operations and Gulfport Police  officer. “There is safety in numbers, shop with a group of people or shop online and go pick up your items.”

Tolbert also said for those that do go out shopping to pay close attention to credit card statements for extra charges due to people using scanners.

“Park as close to the stores as possible or in well-lit areas,” said Tolbert. “Also, do not leave bags, purses, wallets and other items unattended in a vehicle.”

Be sure to lock vehicles while shopping and secure important items in the trunk, carry them, or better yet, leave them at home.

For more holiday safety tips, please reach out to the safety office at 228-377-4033 or the nearest law enforcement agency.