New Comptroller Services Portal streamlines finance inquiries

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Kristen Pittman
  • 403rd Wing Public Affairs

Airmen may have noticed in the past few weeks a new icon on their work desktop bearing a large, gold dollar sign.

No, clicking that icon, the Comptroller Services Portal link, will not prompt sheets of crisp Benjamin Franklins to file out of the nearest printer, but it is there to streamline Military Pay, Civilian Pay, Travel Pay and other issues Airmen and civilians need resolved in order to receive their pay, travel reimbursements, and more.

“The CSP is a one-stop shop for finance customer service,” said Haley Smith, of the 403rd Wing Financial Management office. “You can do anything from submitting questions to checking your voucher status and more.”

Benefits of having the portal include 24/7 access, protection of personal identifiable information, transparent and traceable inquiries, less paperwork, and links to frequently asked questions and related articles.

“From an FM perspective, this tool is great for us as it makes for easier tracking on our end,” said Smith. “Instead of being inundated with emails from a bunch of different people or maybe something getting lost in an org box, the CSP works as a hub for all wing members’ issues, so it’s a one-stop shop for us as well.”

For reservists, this new portal is especially beneficial as often times, members who travel to serve in the 403rd Wing don’t have regular access to the unit’s FM office.

In the past, one way to submit orders for pay was by physically going to the FM office and turning in a paper copy of their signed orders. Now, Smith says, they can do it all through the portal.

“All a person needs to access CSP from home is internet connection, using Desktop Anywhere with either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, and a common access card-enabled device,” said Barry Argento, 403rd Wing FM Officer.

With those things members can access the website where they will need to create a CSP profile using their email address.

The site officially launched Feb. 14 and can be reached here.

“Travel vouchers will still be submitted through the (Defense Travel System) or eFinance and orders can still be certified through the (Air Force Reserve Order Writing System), but from now on, all finance questions, inquiries, forms, etc. will need to be submitted through CSP,” said Argento.