Wing announces Yellow Ribbon program vacancy

  • Published
  • By 2nd Lt. Christopher Carranza
  • 403rd Wing Public Affairs

The 403rd Wing is seeking a Reserve Citizen Airman to be their Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program coordinator, an 18-to-36 month Active Duty Operational Support tour (ADOS).

“With the yellow ribbon program, the military recognizes that reserve members and their families need support before, during, and post deployment process to provide various resources that are available to them,” said Tech Sgt. Dishau JeanJacques, 403rd Wing Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program coordinator. “The program is based around the whole Airman concept, focusing on the physical, mental, spiritual well-being of Airmen, to include the Airmen’s support systems, which are usually their spouses and families.”

The Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program began in 2008 following a congressional mandate for the Department of Defense to assist reservists, National Guard members and their families to connect them with support services throughout the deployment cycle.

“Events are very beneficial and informative for the members and families, because a lot of the time they’re unaware of the services available to them, such as the Judge Advocate, Military OneSource, Red Cross, and Veteran’s Affairs to name a few,” said JeanJacques. “The facilitators and speakers are always excited to provide information and talk about the services they provide for service members, because at the end of the day the goal is taking care of people.”  

The 403rd Wing requires a qualified Airman, from any career field and serve a minimum tour length of 18 months as a wing Yellow Ribbon representative.

“Applicants must be able to attend yellow ribbon events throughout the year in various locations, meaning a lot of (Temporary Duty) opportunities,” said Maj. Linda McCullough, 403rd Wing executive officer. “The last in-person event was in Orlando, (Florida), back in July, but due to health concerns, the events have gone back to virtual events.”

Qualifications: minimum grade requirements are E-7, E-8, O-2, or O-3 with one grade below considered, but not promotable. Applicants are expected to be highly proficient and qualified to ensure military service members and their families have optimal continuum of care through the deployment cycle, meaning pre-, during and post-deployment support.

Required documents for an applicant are:

1. Yellow Ribbon Representative Application

2. Letter of Intent from applying member

3. Copies of last three Officer or Enlisted Performance Reports

4. Current Career Data Brief from the Virtual Military Personnel Flight or vMPF

Application packages must be submitted electronically via email in one PDF file.

For more information contact McCullough at or at 228-377-3440.

Packages must be emailed to her by the closeout date, which is Sept. 17, 2021.

“Yellow Ribbon is an amazing program. It’s a very busy position, but infinitely rewarding,” said JeanJacques. “This is the best program I have ever been a part of. I’ve learned so much from other members, and it has been well worth the three-year-tour.”