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Basic Training

The 737th Training Group provides Air Force Basic Military Training for all enlisted people entering the Air Force, Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard, earning Lackland the nickname, "Gateway to the Air Force."

The Air Force receives approximately 30,000 Airmen each year from the 737th Training Group; the number varies with projected requirements.

Following graduation, Airmen go on to technical training at Lackland or elsewhere before their first Air Force assignment. More than seven million Airmen have completed BMT since 1946.


Technical Training

Explore dozens of career fields available to enlistees to get your started on a track to success.

Not everyone in the Air Force and Air Force Reserve is a pilot. There are countless jobs ranging from medical to computer techs to paralegals who comprise our Airmen. Many jobs translate directly into the civilian arena and service entitles you to numerous skills and educational benefits!

Join the ranks and serve your nation as a Citizen Airman, working one weekend a month and two weeks a year. Take a closer look at the jobs now available in today's Air Force Reserve.


Become an Officer

Have you completed a four-year degree or higher?

Commission into the Air Force Reserve! Serve your nation with distinction as a leader and manager of operations and personnel!

With a variety of career field options -- in or out of the cockpit -- you can gain great life and technical experience while serving in support of U.S. military operations around the globe.

Contact us today to explore your options as a professional military leader.


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Senior Master Sgt. Dominique Hogan

Flight Chief

Keesler AFB

(228) 365-4151


Master Sgt. Tavores Royster

In-Service Recruiter

Keesler AFB

(850) 420-6404


Tech. Sgt. Badin Burch

Located in New Orleans, LA

(228) 348-6142


Tech. Sgt. David Rau

Hattiesburg, MS

(601) 549-1565


Master Sgt. Travis Rhodes

Mobile, AL



Master Sgt. David Gaffney

Mobile, AL



Master Sgt. Erica Schultz

Health Professions Recruiter

Mary Esther, FL

(770) 864-2580


Master Sgt. Brian Busch

Officer Accession Recruiter

Pensacola, FL

(850) 554-8921

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